Trudeau’s Last Resort

After a term filled with condemning scandals and headlines that would end any politicians career, Trudeau is down to his final weapon to stay in power. Looking at the polls over the last few weeks, it seems that Liberal policies, promises of additional spending, and promises of home ownership have had virtually no impact on voter support for the Liberals. What finally seems to be working is the one massive tactic only used in times of desperation.

Fear Factor

That one thing that may be working for the Liberal Party is the “Fear Factor”; those comments by Justin Trudeau that the Progressive Conservatives would cut services. Somehow, voters have bought into the idea that the conservatives would be bad for Canadians. Yet, the conservatives have promised to better the lot for Canadians by cutting taxes and leaving them with more money.

But, Trudeau has been gambling that he will be able to instill enough fear in enough voters to be re-elected. It isn’t the first time that the Liberals have used this tactic and it is usually used as a last resort when Canadians have not bought into the Liberal vision and policies of the day.

Most Vulnerable Canadians

So who are the Canadians that are most vulnerable to fear mongering? They are individuals who are unable to comprehend the intentions of the source of the message and/or lack awareness of underlying political drivers, contradiction and hypocritical behaviour. The effectiveness of fear mongering is reinforced through the use of cliche’s and emotionally charged phrases.

Blinding Tactic

What makes fear mongering even more effective is the use of deflection. In this case Trudeau has very simply been accusing other leaders of what he himself has best depicted; lying, misinformation, fear mongering,and reducing quality of life for Canadians. This tactic seems to be working as the most vulnerable voters are buying into the idea that other leaders bad, even though they have not bean Prime Minister.

Hiding Reality

By using these tactics Trudeau is able to get voters to forget that he has been in power for 4 years and during that time has shown his substance as a leader.


Despite the Trudeau’s track record as Prime Minister, the Liberals have proven their strong grasp of the words and statements that instill fear in voters and they’re milking it for all its worth.

It is for this reason that the scandal clad Justin Trudeau continues to have almost a third of Canadian votes.

This post was inspired by George Pappas’ article.

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