Best Gifts for Travelers in 2020

Every year the amount of international travel continues to increase in most countries around the world. As technology and infrastructure continues to shrink the world, more and more people are becoming leisure travelers.

Canadians are among the most traveled people of the world. According to StatsCan (the Canadian federal government agency for collecting and analyzing statistics), Canadian residents made a record 12.8 million trips to overseas countries in 2017, up 7.2% from 2016. In addition, Canadians made about 25 million trips to the United States and Mexico (2014 data).

So, if you’re looking for a gift to give that person that has everything, look to the latest in travel-related accessories and items. They will appreciate it at a time when they are in a positive and happy state of mind as they plan their trip and then when they’re traveling.

Among the most popular items are the Scratch Travel Maps and the World Pin Maps which allow travelers to track and showcase their travel destinations. Of course, you can always prepare a basket of several low-costs travel necessities as a give. You can find links for these items below.

Essential Gifts For Travelers

There are some essentials when traveling. These items are ones that not only make life easier, but keep you functional during your trip and out of danger and embarrassing situations. From keeping your identity and personal information safe to making sure your electronics are powered, take these items with you on trips.

Gifts For Hobby Travelers

Some individuals travel as a hobby, some are travel bloggers and others are working through their bucket list. The ‘Scratch The World’ Maps are very popular among travelers as it allows them to visually track their travel adventures and share it with their family and friends when they visit.

Survival Gear for Travelers

When traveling health and safety should always be top of mind, especially in some of the less developed regions of the world. These items will protect you from the environment, parasites and other organisms that can make you sick in the short-run, have life-long consequences and possibly keep you alive. Three items are must have: 1) insect repellent, 2) anti-diarrhea, and 3) water filter straw. They don’t take up much room and can be life savers!

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