The Significance Of Travel And Recreation

… just for the fun of it!

In a busy, hectic schedule it is those that work the hardest, deserve it the most and can afford to pay for it that often forget to take care of themselves and stay in balance.

A big part of balance in life is just enjoying life. Travel, dining, sports, entertainment, crafts, games and just general leisurely activities. There is a time for pure fun, laughs and ofcourse silliness. Let your inner child come out and play, enjoy the company of others and adventure of trying new things.

Take a moment to contemplate on the work ‘recreation’. It is based on ‘re-create’ or to ‘create again’. Now take a moment to consider what it would be like to break out of your regular routine and try something new, go someplace new, try a new cuisine or take in a cultural event. Find new personal perspective, get re-energized, re-visit your dreams, let your spirit sour. Bring some more GUSTO into your life.

If you live in a cosmopolitan city, such as Toronto you don’t have to travel far either.  There are world-class things to see and do in the city with more planned every year.  Toronto Top Attractions.

So, take some time, smell the roses, check out some culture, play in the parks, visit the islands, and indulge in the wonderful delicacies that surround you.

Baldo Minaudo (Blog)
Author, ‘The Banker Who Saved His Soul’
President, MetroActive Lifestyle Network