Kathy Griffin Career Ending Pic of Trump

Comedienne Kathy Griffin may have just ended her already dying career when a picture

Kathy Griffin Showing Decapitated Replica of Donald Trump
The picture that may have ended Kathy Griffin’s Career. Source: TMZ

was released of her holding a decapitated head of a man resembling President, Donald Trump. That’s right, she posted a picture that may have encouraged terrorists to pursue the idea of decapitating the President of the United States.

According to TMZ reports, Griffin posed for the picture during a photo shoot with famous photographer Tyler Shields.

Law enforcement sources told TMZ the Secret Service has launched an investigation into “the circumstances surrounding the photo shoot.” According to TMZ , they “first posted the pic, shot by famed photographer Tyler Shields and we’re told the Secret Service does not jump to conclusions that incendiary photos or writings are serious or in jest. They also will not automatically pass the photo off as art. They routinely investigate and that’s exactly what they’ll do in this case.”

Perhaps, this is the motivation behind why Griffin decided to release an apology.  The apology could also be as a result of the backlash from Griffin’s fans.

At this morning’s MetroActive staff meeting, it was suggested that Griffin intentionally posted what she knew would be a controversial picture to try and rejuvenate her career.  After all, Griffin has made a career by poking fun of others and their expense and her gain. The consensus at the meeting was that Griffin should not have done what she did, that it undermined the strength of the Presidency, invaded his personal rights and has affected his young son. Could you imagine a little boy seeing a replica of his father’s decapitated head?

Kathy Griffin May Have Decapitated Her Career
Kathy Griffin May Have Decapitated Her Career. Secret service is rumoured to be investigating the incident.

Regardless, Griffin may have left herself open to what she has been put out to others. I wonder what it will take for Griffin to truly understand and appreciate what she has done. Apologies come so easily from comedienne’s that continuously ridicule others for their own gain.

Do you think Kathy Griffin’s video apology is genuinely remorseful. Or do you think it is motivated by fear of financial and legal repercussions?

We are attempting to reach Kathy Griffin for an interview and to give her an opportunity to repair the damage to her own career.


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