Brent Merrill Rescues Metcap Employee From Threat and Escape Possible Abduction Attempt

A Metcap Property Manager found himself threatened by rent striking tenants yesterday near 135 Tyndall Avenue in the Parkdale neighbourhood. In a brave rescue mission, Brent Merrill, MetCap Living Management Inc., entered the hostile area in a pickup truck. The Property Manager was able to make his way outside the building to Tyndall Avenue, where he hopped into Merrill’s truck as aggressive tenants attempted to detain them.

According to the Toronto Star, Merrill stated “He hopped into my truck. There were protesters trying to chase him,” explaining that a man even jumped in front of his truck while he was moving. He continues, “We were moving the whole time. The vehicle never stopped . . . eventually he stepped to the side.”

Concerned for the safety of his employee, Merrill observes the obvious by saying, “This is just escalating to the point where we need to have some reason and my people shouldn’t be threatened. They are only doing their job.”

In a Toronto Star article “Parkdale Property CEO Nearly Hits Tenant Advocate With Truck” written by 

The courage and bravery that Laforest has to attempt to stop a pickup truck is admirable…just not near normal people. Are the Canadian Armed Forces still looking for recruits to go into battle…perhaps someone to step in front of a jeep? Seriously, what the heck was Laforest thinking? Though, Laforest is the one mentioned because of his status as advocate, there were others shown in the video at first attempting to stop the pickup.

Let’s hope that the employee is not going to experience psychological damage or post traumatic stress disorder. An employee under such adverse environment should be paid extra. I can just imagine the personal injury and labour lawyers hitting the phones this morning.

Ontario has a labour act to protect employees from workplace dangers and abuse. Where does Kathleen Wynne stand on this issue of hard working individuals being threatened to the point they have to run for their life and be rescued.

Cudos to Emily Mathieu for a well-detailed article that presented enough information for level-minded individuals to see that there are two sides to this situation.

Remember: Sometimes who appear to be predators are actually the victims. Don’t let the media headlines decide for you what is right and what is wrong!

NOTE: This post is not written for accuracy, but to bring some perspective and rationality to a situation, in which both sides have rights. You are encouraged to do your own research, not to rely on any one source and to decide for yourself how much of the story is being controlled and manipulated by the activism of a group of people for their own personal and financial gain.


  1. And the carpetbagger becomes the hero. This guy is a slum lord. I know his building in my city is full of drugs and does not meet building codes. Landlords are obligated under legislation to maintain property, and yet that does not happen. Stop paying your rent, the landlord tenant dispute process is backed up. You my have as long as 60 days or more before you will be heard. His bank won’t last that long. Hold off the carpetbaggers, till they can’t pay either.

    1. Do you seriously believe that its okay for anyone to unlawfully hold another hostage? How would you feel if a group of heated individuals cornered you, trying to bully and intimidate you? It is clear that in this instance the group acted as thugs with the intention of intimidating either out of frustration or as a form of revenge. We have laws to protect individuals against this type of behaviour.

      1. If Ontario teachers can hold students hostage in demanding higher pay from taxpayers, then why can’t tenants hold property managers or whatever rep of the landlord hostage to get what they want?

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