Split Rate Mortgage: Combining Variable and Fixed Rate Mortgages

What is the best mortgage for you?

 Financing a home is one of life’s most delicate, exciting and important commitment we ever make!   This is why a dedicated, wise and experienced mortgage professional is what it takes to make this come true for you! 

It’s not just about interest rates, which of course is important!  It’s about all the other information and tips you need to make the right & informed decision and know that you received the best advice and the best rate for your needs!  

If you or anyone you care about would like a free complimentary analysis on mortgage financing, please contact me and I will ensure you or your referral will be very pleased with the results.  By the way, I am here to assist you whether you want to purchase, refinance or simply obtain information.  

Did you know that 100% mortgage financing is still available on purchases? (Certain restrictions apply). 

This is the ideal time for First Time Home Buyers and people new to Canada! Rates are very low!  In fact the lowest in history and this is why this is a great time to take advantage of the low rates and build equity in a home! 

 The government has several tax rebate allowances and other discounts as well as other programs to help with your purchase, please allow me to show you how to take advantage of every savings possible.  

You know when your retirement date is but do you know what your Mortgage Freedom date is? Find out more and visit the link below:

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Canada’s largest banks, credit unions, trust companies and financial institutions have teamed up with us to offer you discounted rates, products, and services that are only available through a mortgage professional. 


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