What to do on New Year’s Eve in Toronto

New Year’s Eve is a big thing for most people for two main reasons: 1) It is a time to dream and plan for the upcoming year, 2) It is a time to party.

If you’re reading this post chances are that you’re not one of those individuals who planned weeks in advance for your New Year’s celebrations and have already bought your ticket(s). So, here are a list of things you can do, beginning with something that is free and doesn’t require much advance planning.

New Year’s Eve at Nathan Phillips Square (Queen St./Bay St.)

It’s Free! Here is your opportunity to skate on Toronto’s most famous ice rink, while enjoying great local DJ and live music from top local talent throughout the evening. Then at midnight the spectacular fireworks ignite.

The event begins at 8 p.m. with performers and a variety of local food truck cuisine. Street performers include Dispatch Talent’s Glow Motion (a collection of flow artist, drummers and jugglers enhanced with LED lights). At 10 p.m. the stage show begins with DJs and top local bands. The new Mayor John Tory will personally count down into the new year at midnight followed by spectacular fireworks show.

Co-hosts for the Evening: Nicole Brooks (writer and composer of Obeah Opera Flash Mob), Amanda Martinez, DJ MelBoogie. Live Music: Teebey and Zeus.

Annual New Year’s Eve Skating Party (Natrel Rink, 235 Queens Quay West, Toronto: 8 p.m. – 12 a.m.)

Skate while overlooking Lake Ontario on New Year’s Eve! Celebrate the coming of the new year with new and old tunes at a family-friendly gathering in the heart of the harbourfront.

Scarborough Civic Centre New Year’s Eve (Scarborough Civic Centre Rotunda, 150 Borough Drive, Scarborough: 7 p.m.-12 a.m.)

Festivities include music: Sol de Cuba, Dan the Music Man, The Lincolns, Jordan John and Two for the Show. Family activities for the children and family include arts and crafts, children’s face painting (by Scarborough Clown Corps.). Reptilia is providing an interactive exchibit. The family can also enjoy ice skating to music and a choice of two cartoon movies.

New Year’s Eve in Aurora: Family First Night (Aurora Family Leisure Complex, 135 Industrial Pkwy N.,  &  Stronach Aurora Recreation Comples, 1400 Wellington St. E., Aurora: 6 p.m.-9 p.m. FREE. Tel: 905-726-4762)

Swimming, skating, reptile shows (7  p.m. & 8 p.m.), magic shows (6:30 p.m. & 7:45 p.m.), crafts, inflatable and interactive games. Complimentary hot chocolate with family and friends.

Brampton New Year’s Eve Celebration (Downtown Brampton: 7 p.m. – 12:30 a.m.)

The celebrations will be themed around Brampton’s 40 year anniversary as a city. Experience the open-air skating rink, midway amusements, marshmallow roasting and headline act Juno Award-winning Arkells. This promises to be Brampton’s largest new year’s celebration ever as the city has grown to the 9th largest in Canada, is home to over 8000 businesses and continues its Triple ‘A’ credit rating by Standard & Poor’s. In addition, the city’s citizens represent 209 distinct ethnic backgrounds and speak 89 different languages.

Prime Minister of Canada, Stephen Harper Delivers 2014 Christmas Message

A personal video Christmas Message from our Prime Minister to all Canadians. Well decorated Christmas tree in front of wood burning fireplace shows that the Canadian tradition is still strong in the Great White North.

Criminal Lawyer Eddie Greenspan Dies at 70

Canada’s top criminal lawyer Eddie Greenspan has died at the age of 70 of natural causes in the United States. Greenspan represented many famous Canadians, such as Conrad Black and Garth Drabinsky. It was his devotion to the law that allowed him to built a career that is best described as per the title of his book – “Greenspan: The Case for the Defense”.

MetroActive President, Baldo Minaudo comments, “Eddie was an incredibly devoted and down to earth man. He had the best grasp of Canadian criminal law and justice than any other lawyer I have met. May this great soul rest in peace and may his family have some comfort in knowing that he helped many good people through his journey on earth.”

Eddie Greenspan talks about his time as a student at the University of Toronto

Aeromobil 3.0: Commuter’s Dream of Flying Car Arrives

The Aeromobil 3.0, a production-ready flying car was unveiled on October 29, 2014 at the Pioneers Festival in Vienna, Austria. Although, the car was first envisioned by designer Štefan Klein that dates back to 1990, this latest version was design and built in less than a year after the Aeromobil 2.5 prototype made its first flight.

The Aeromobil transforms car to plane by unfolding its wings from behind the cockpit. When collapsed the wings fit alongside a boom which houses the rear-mounted propeller shaft, and serves as the mounting point for the flying car’s tail.



Engine: Rotax 912
Wings: Extended
Top speed: 200 km/h and more (124 mph and more)
Min. speed: 60 km/h (37 mph)
Take-off speed: 130 km/h (81 mph)
Range: 700 km (435 miles)
Fuel consumption: 15 l/h
Construction: steel framework and carbon coating
Dimensions: width: 8320 mm (27-foot wingspan), length: 6000 mm
Capacity: 2 seats
Curb Weight: 992 lbs


Engine: Rotax 912
Wings: collapsed
Top speed: 160 km/h and more (99 mph and more)
Range: 875 km (545 miles)
Fuel Consumption: 8 l/100 km
Dimensions: width: 2240 mm, length: 6000 mm
Capacity: 2 seats
The Aeromobil should fit in a standard parking space and the Rotax 912 engine runs on 91 octane (premium gas).
Production version is expected for 2016. If you’re interested in buying a Aeromobil as a MetroActive member or subscriber contact us.

Definition of Feminist and Masculist

A “Feminist” is a person who supports equality among males and females and who believes that females are at a political, social and economic disadvantage in society.

An “Extreme Feminist” is a person who aggressively advocates that females are treated unfairly in society and that there should be laws and practices put in place to give women an advantage over men in specific situations in order to compensate for the inequality between the sexes.

A “Masculist” is a person who supports equality among males and females and who believes that males are at a political, social and economic disadvantage in society.

An “Extreme Masculist” is a person who aggressively advocates that males are treated unfairly in society because of preferential legal, judicial and societal treatment provided to females in specific situations. They advocate that in order to have a fair and equitable treatment of both males and females that there must be equal treatment of both sexes in all situations.

Bank of Montreal Executive Banker’s Desk For Sale

This desk was acquired from Bank of Montreal’s Head Office at First Canadian Place (Toronto Financial District) in the mid 1990’s. The Bank of Montreal was established in Canada’s oldest banks, established in 1817 as Montreal Bank.

The desk was released from the bank during the period that Matthew William Barrett was Chairman of the Bank(1990-1999) and coincided with changes in the bank’s furnishings, office decor, layout and even operating divisions. It was a time leading up to the Bank’s increased focus on online banking and the launch of the mbanx project.

Given the desk’s design, quality of wood and quality of fabrication, it is likely it was used by one or more of the Bank’s top executives and  possibly the very desk upon which the mbanx project was approved. If this desk could speak what stories it could tell!

Are you next in line to use this desk to sign off on multi-million dollar deals? This could be your good luck charm, your status symbol, the most effective desk you’ll ever own or one of the best investments you could ever make. The replacement cost of this desk (labour, genuine Canadian wood, history and legacy) will only increase with time. You may be able to replace the desk’s design, but you can’t replace this specific desk’s history.

It is a large full-size desk (Height:30″, Length:72″, Width:36″) that requires 4 men to move. This desk is as solid as solid can be.

Classic Executive Desk
Classic Executive DeskDSCN1053

DSCN2382 DSCN2386DSCN2389DSCN2400     DSCN2395

Price: $1,950 Canadian

Note: Only cash will be accepted and this desk must be picked up at its location in Woodbridge.

Classified # (to be entered in form below): BMODesk1

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Dropping Oil Prices Could Boost Toronto House Prices Higher in 2015

Over the last 10 years the Alberta housing market has grown aggressively with Calgary showing record level increases in house prices. Lots of people are making good money in Alberta and cities like Calgary have attracted workers from across Canada. Albertans have developed a confidence and sense of entitlement.

This is not the first time that Alberta has seen prosperous times. During the oil crisis in the 1970s Alberta boomed. The oil boom was creating more millionaires than any other time in Canada’s history. Then when it ended it went bust and so did the real estate market.

At an average price for oil of $110 per barrel over the last 3 years times have been good in Alberta. But, now that oil has dropped steeply and hitting a low of $59.28 yesterday Albertans are about to face a dose of reality. At these levels many wells will not be able to produce profitably and will have to be shut done. Workers will be let go. Producers and the chain of services and suppliers they engage will be forced to reduce expenses and contracts.

Depending on how steep and how long this lasts, many people that had moved to Alberta will likely look at moving back home. If it happens it will place downward pressure on house prices in Calgary. It also means that these individuals will be needing housing back home or in the city where they will find their next job. Toronto, with its diversified economy and booming job market will be a destination city for these individuals. They will need a place to live and their numbers will likely partially offset negative influences on house prices, if not boost prices. And that is how dropping oil prices can boost Toronto house prices.

Historical Crude Oil Prices - Crude Oil Price History Chart

Where To Live in Toronto: New Neighbourhood Selector Tool Helps You Find Your Next Home

MetroActive announces the MetroActive Neighbourhood Selector to help MetroActive members transferred to Toronto find the right neighbourhood to live in. This tool is designed to help reduce stress, frustration, confusion and the time it takes to find a home in Toronto.

The selector tool was developed using real estate, urban planning, social engineering, transportation, building, community services and lifestyle input from MetroActive members and other professionals. It is the most comprehensive tool available for personal use to help find where to live in Toronto.

Try it now to make your life easier.

Reduce Stress from Financial Worries: Manage Money Wisely

Stress is said to be responsible for 80% of all doctor’s visits. In a survey done by the American Psychological Association, 73% of people listed money as the number one factor that affects their stress level. Many people become stressed or anxious due to financial issues.

Check out these statistics:

  • Results from a 2005 American survey revealed that 53% of working Americans indicated they were experiencing moderate or high levels of financial stress. (Canadians aren’t very far behind.)
  • Financial worries have been cited as the leading cause of chronic stress, causing 25% of people to miss approximately 16 days of work per year.

Physical stress related illnesses include; headache, chest pain, fast heart beat, high blood pressure, shortness of breath, muscle aches, clenched jaws, fatigue, insomnia and more. Chronic stress causes anxiety, restlessness, worrying, irritability, depression, sadness, anger, mood swings, feeling of insecurity, lack of concentration and a tendency to blame others for how you feel. Many people see only the negative aspects of situations when stressed.

Money, or lack of it, creates many different attitudes: power or failure, pride or shame, freedom or enslavement, or feeling vulnerable. When people are in debt it affects one’s mental health: feelings of anxiety or overwhelm may take place, feeling of doom, not seeing a way out, enslavement, feeling like you’ll be paying off debts for life. These feelings can also affect physical health. When we are stressed, the stress response releases chemicals that can raise cholesterol, cortisol and adrenaline. This can lead to all forms of illness and reduced immunity as well as poor mental health.

Financial issues can also affect relationships. Money is one of the foremost reasons for arguments between spouses (excepting children!). We live in a disposable society so we’re always shopping – for a new phone, or computer, a flat screen TV, a larger, fancier car that we deem as ‘necessary’ for our standing in the community. Money creates many attitudes. If you have more money than others in your family, you may feel misplaced guilt. If you have less, self-esteem can sag. The best scenario is to seek self-reliance through financial knowledge and common sense.

Ten Tips to Manage Money Wisely and Prevent Anxiety

1) Know where your money is going; note if you are saving, investing wisely and spending appropriately for your income.

2) Decide if you need to invest in further education to advance yourself or whether you need to take on extra part-time odd jobs for a short time.

3) Make a budget; list how much you will spend on various expenses in your life. Stick to it.

4) Shop for items on sale and cut back on unnecessary expenditures.

5) Eat at home more often. Restaurant bills call pile up.

6) Leave credit cards at home when you go shopping – or don’t go to shopping malls.

7) If your credit cards are maxed out and you’re paying merely interest each month, see if you arrange a credit line at your bank to pay off the debt at a much lower interest rate.

8) Renovate modestly instead of moving to a new house.

9) Move to a city or town that has cheaper rent or property values – and a good public transport system.

10) You may need to cash in some investments for a short time until the employment climate improves.

Finances can often paralyze action and cause a great amount of worry. Some coping skills include:

  • Remember that constant worry doesn’t help matters.
  • Take some deep breaths and assess where your money is going.
  • Decide on an action plan to get your finances in order; face it head on instead of sweeping it under the carpet.
  • Don’t keep financial secrets from your spouse or partner; decide together how you will face this problem.
  • Socializing with friends at each other’s homes with pot luck dinners, and cooking more instead of eating in restaurants are obvious ways to cut back (and still enjoy life.)
  • If faced with any stressor the best practice for stress-relief is to go for walk – especially in nature; this enjoyable act can reduce feelings of anxiety; or exercise vigorously.
  • Try some deep breathing techniques focusing on your breath. Get centered and calm so that you can see a clear plan of action.
  • Enlist positive self-talk strategies: instead of “I’m always broke and never will have any money”, think, “I am a good money-manager and will be even better in the future.”

Enlist the aid of a financial advisor – even one at your local bank branch or other investment counselor to help you sort out a plan, one that takes into account recessions. Trust your capabilities that you can take charge over your financial situatuation. There’s always an answer.





Split Rate Mortgage: Combining Variable and Fixed Rate Mortgages

What is the best mortgage for you?

 Financing a home is one of life’s most delicate, exciting and important commitment we ever make!   This is why a dedicated, wise and experienced mortgage professional is what it takes to make this come true for you! 

It’s not just about interest rates, which of course is important!  It’s about all the other information and tips you need to make the right & informed decision and know that you received the best advice and the best rate for your needs!  

If you or anyone you care about would like a free complimentary analysis on mortgage financing, please contact me and I will ensure you or your referral will be very pleased with the results.  By the way, I am here to assist you whether you want to purchase, refinance or simply obtain information.  

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This is the ideal time for First Time Home Buyers and people new to Canada! Rates are very low!  In fact the lowest in history and this is why this is a great time to take advantage of the low rates and build equity in a home! 

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