MetroActive Property Management Services Officially Launched

MetroActive is proud to announce the official launch of MetroActive Property Management services. MetroActive is a community of life-minded and like-spirited business professionals that work together to support each other’s success in all areas of their lives. Given that most of our members are real estate owners and many are heavy real estate investors it only makes sense to offer this service to both members and non-members.

We serve:
1) Absent owners of rental properties in Toronto – we take care of your investment for you so you don’t have to worry about it.
2) Occupant homeowners – let us take some of the work off your hands so that your home is properly maintained while freeing up time for your.

Our objective is to primarily service individuals outside Toronto who own rental property in Toronto and need help to manage the property both on an ongoing basis and in emergency situations. Our secondary objective is to service individuals who live in their homes and would like help with their regular property maintenance or who would like an available service in cases of unexpected weather conditions.

An example of this need is the ice storm of December 2013 which left many homes without power and many individuals house bound. It isn’t the first such case that has happened in Toronto. Other situations include:

– July 8, 2013 flood. Two storm cells dumped 126 mm of rain at Toronto’s International Airport and in Toronto 96.8 mm of rain fell mostly within a 2 hour period. This following 38 mm of rain the day before which had saturated the ground and sewer system. About 500,000 households were left without power (some for days) and about 3,000 homes were flooded.

– August 19, 2005. A number of severe thunderstorms hit the city accompanied by a tornado warning. At the peak of the storm, an amazing 1,400 lightning strikes per minute were recorded and flash flooding hit neighbourhoods, even entirely washing out one road. Environment Canada recorded 140 mm of rain within an one hour period (Hurricane Hazel had only dropped 53 mm in an hour back in 1954).

When unexpected situations occur some individuals may not know what to do or who to call. It is during these times that our members come together to help each other.

Find out how MetroActive can help with your property maintenance and management needs.

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