Now is Time to Get Involved With MetroActive

The MetroActive executive is planning for the next year and it is a great time for members, volunteers, partners and others to get involved. The following are some of the areas we will be reviewing and planning over the six weeks or so, and where opportunities are for you to get involved:

Executive Committee: there is room for individuals who would like to shape the future of MetroActive and deal with key organizational issues.

Planning Committee: strategists, project managers and planners can show their talent to the members by helping with the planning out the next year of activities and initiatives.

Volunteer Committee: whether helping out for a couple of hours during registration, hosting or taking the lead on a major event there are hundreds of opportunities that can be tailored to your preferences, abilities and goals.

Partnerships: whether an organization, club or business MetroActive has an extensive history and mandate for partnerships on many levels. Whether for a specific event, initiative or ongoing membership benefit program we are open to new possibilities.

MetroActive Chapters: developing and implementing the expansion of MetroActive through chapters in different locations.

Venture Capital Forum: whether looking for investors or private equity investment opportunities this initiative can be of great help. For those that volunteer.

Lets Build a Mine 2014: based on the hugely successful launch event this event will take place in February 2014 and it is a great opportunity for those who want to build their contacts and reputation on Bay Street, among sophisticated investors, mining industry and speculative stock investment players.

For individuals that are actively involved with MetroActive, we provide career and personal goal planning and assistance, which includes mentoring and reference letters.  If you’re interested contact us at with your name and telephone number and area of interest.