7 Reason why entrepreneurs don’t follow up to grow their resources (get results)

In the journey in building their business there some fundamental steps entrepreneur attempt to do (or not do at all) that affects them in growing the business, resources or making a profit. Below are areas that they must deal or get assistance to complete for them to survive.

1st. Scared

Scarcity is something that society does very well from TV programs and people to ensue fear that cause them to scared to succeed. It take inner confidence to realize that’s not the case at all.

2nd. Don’t make time to do it

I hear this a lot “don’t have any time” This excuse (yes excuse!) can be used as a mental block on themselves that they are not doing productive things with their time. To much networking meeting people and failure to follow up is a common track to get stuck in. Being able to network and share is important, the ability to follow up and with your contacts and grow your resources is a very important step.  Event management is important to manage and execute in the process of success.

3rd  No value to share

Being able to network and offer value is important priority to accomplish. They do have to share, again it comes to a self confidence issue that either they don’t want so to share or they believe its not viable in the conversation. We all have value to share, its a missed opportunity not to do it.

4th  They feel they made no connections

They attend an event talk to multiple people and walk out empty handed. How can that happen? it comes back to inner confidence and the ability to being able to share what they and listen (which they don’t) and they may exchange business cards and no make any follow up notes or believe there are possibilities to connect further.

5th Don’t have a system in place

Having a system of success is an important tool to have when you are networking. Going out collecting business cards and putting them in a box is not a great system at all!  It is a simple process and very easy to do. It comes down to being able to execute a plan and making viable connections to foster ongoing business relationships. Not doing this is a big waste of your time and energy with no result to show for.

6th Lazy

This a a very common factor that affects entrepreneurs, the act of laziness and not have a plan to execute. Watching hours of tv, listing to the radio, going to events that not meaningful for themselves and hanging around other lazy people enacts this and paralyzes their mental ability. The internal programs and will power don’t have the energy to realize they are not doing things to see and do to improve your day.

7th No Go-Giver Mentality

The ability to be able to give is the import trait to have when networking. Bob Burg Author of “Go-Giver” states that the ability to give and expecting something in return is commitment that is not easily achieved due to the reasoning you are not getting anything in return.  The ability to give and expecting a return in others way is a huge opportunity missed by entrepreneurs in their in succeeding in their today and beyond.

Be aware of this seven mistakes as you begin your networking journey and make an mental effort to not go ‘through the rabbit hole” with any of these in the long term. It will not only affect growing your business but also make money with it too!

Jim Pagiamtzis

7 Biggest Mistakes made by entrepreneurs when attempting to network (grow) their business

In the process of  transition from being in a professional in a corporate environment to entrepreneurship, they will unwillingly fall into several networking traps. In time they will realize and get better in the process, until then below are certain areas that they will do incorrectly for the first few years.

1st. Talk to much

We have been talking and having conversation for many years, when it comes down to it. They will be so excited and passionate about their business (rightly so) that they will not be able to stop talking about than and everything else their doing. The professional they are speaking to may be able to hand some it (but not all of it!).

This will get better over time as they rejection begins to continue and the follow up phone calls and emails don’t get answered.

2nd. Give out Business cards to fast,

There is a term that  Cindy Mount from BNI calls “spray and pray” that many new entrepreneurs do. This is the act of going into a room and giving your card to everyone and saying ” this is my new business call me and let’s me show you the amazing plan, its awesome!” This  too will lead to failure in more way than they can image, from business cards being thrown out in the garbage at or after the event.

The entrepreneur receiving it will put you in his or her “crazy networker” mental folder and not go near you at any future events, or any time in the future refer you business.

3rd  Not listening enough


From Talk to much mentioned earlier to not listening enough. My mentor always said ” you have two ears and one mouth, you the proportiantly”  This is such a simple statement to make but a hard habit to break!

It all comes back to the excitement of passionately sharing your business over and over again, but not taking time to listen and possibly ask a great question! (will deal with this issue shortly”

4th Not asking good questions.


Many networking experts from Bob Burg Author of Endless Referrals  and Ivan Misner founder of  BNI have always say in their training about the importance in asking open ended questions so that you can engage in a conversation of mutual benefit. Not ask good questions will lead into a very short and no responsive conversation where you will not engage the person you are speaking too at any level.

5th Bad body Language


Being part of environment of professional entrepreneurs having proper body language is a big reflection on who they are and how they treat their business. It may seem as a minor thing but there could be huge way of not being an attractive and interesting person to speak to.  Moving your hands all over the place in conversations to not standing still and facing who you are speaking to will not create great speaking environment. Crossing your legs, folding your arms are not positive body language attributes to use in a networking environment.

6th Not offering value based information


The ability to have an engaging conversation that of meaning is important to you and the person you are engaging in conversation with. Not offering a tip, suggestion or recommendation doesn’t put you in the position of being able to possible get some great information in return or perhaps more!  There is lots of value that you have access to, that you can share and be of service. Not doing that puts you in position on not getting a business card or anything else of value from the potential networking attendee.

7th Not having a giver mentality

Bob Burg Author of Go-Giver shares in his book that it’s the power of “sharing value on ongoing basis” is where the true magic begins. Not having the giver mentality will only create a frustrating experience in a any networking environment. Being able to be a natural giver of your talents, insights and experiences will only enhance you ability to community and have better conversations. There is statement made by many ” what goes around come around” being a giver will tell you the world and universe and other in the room that are a give and are ready to be receiver.

Be aware of this seven mistakes as you begin your networking journey and make an mental effort to not go ‘through the rabbit hole” with any of these in the long term. It will not only affect growing your business but also make money with it too!