First Yorkville Business Networking Social – Feb. 6

Join us for the 1st Meeting of the York Business Networking Group Social in the heart of Yorkville (downtown Toronto) at 6:00 pm on Wednesday, Feb. 6th at C House Lounge Cafe’, 70  Yorkville Avenue (near Bay/Bloor).

Connect with like-minded professionals and entrepreneurs from various industries. Get the latest wisdom and developments in financial, public relations, investment through individuals in those industries while you socialize and enjoy an upscale European atmosphere at Yorkville’s newest trendy Lounge.

C House began as a brilliant idea of the enterprising Cristiano Iezzi (Milan), creativity of leading restaurant designer Andrea Langhi (Milan) and support of Torrefazione Poli, a major Italian coffee business. The concept combines the best of quality culinary, design and service experience, which has made it one of the most elegant lounges in the world. This elegance has proven to impress people regardless in every one of the 40 locations in several countries in which C House now has a location.

Yorkville’s culturally rich history, diversity, international flair and top quality reflects the C House experience and is an ideal location for the restaurant in Toronto. The Yorkville community attracts both the sophisticated international customer as well as local individuals that appreciate the atmosphere, food and service they enjoy at C House. People come to C House for the gusto, quality, atmosphere and service found in the Mediterranean culture. With locations in Italy, France, Spain, Morocco, Romania, United Emirates, Cyprus and Canada C House is attracting a culturally diverse clientele which enjoy the most refined things in life, one of them being the C House service and experience. C House has been able to rise to the challenge of bringing the Milanese lifestyle to new locations in different countries in a way that is consistent, understood, and appreciated.

This event is limited to 70 attendees, significantly less than what we usually allow. So, make sure you reserve or buy your ticket today.


Baldo Minaudo, President of MetroActive, Business Development Consultant and Author of ‘The Banker Who Saved His Soul’
Helping People and Opportunity Meet

Jim Pagiamtzis,  President of 21 Connections and Author of “Get Connected in the 21st Century” Strategies to connect online and offline to grow your business.

Dress Code: Business attire or equivalent

Includes: One bar rail drink and light snacks

Note: You must provide proof of full payment for admission into the event. Purchase is non-refundable, but can be transferred to another individual as long as you provide that person with your proof of payment along with your signature on the bottom and note that says “I transfer my ticket to the bearer of this receipt”. We reserve the right to change event details without notice, so make sure you check event post online before event. We reserve the right to refuse admission to the event or to remove individuals from the event without refund of admission price, for whatever reason, but especially for inappropriate behaviour or complaints from, or harassment of other guests. This event is not appropriate for network marketing or multi-level marketing sales or recruitment. There may be a photographer and film crew present to record parts of the event – if you would like to be omitted from the recordings you must indicate so in writing upon signing in at the event. You’re contact information will be provided to the sponsors of the event unless you indicate in writing upon signing up at the event.

OPTIONS (all options include one drink ticket & appetizer – Bring your proof of payment for admission):

1. Reserve your spot now for only $7.50 plus $0.98 HST (Non-refundable) to guarantee your spot and ticket price and pay $35 cash at door ($30.97 plus HST of $4.03).

2. Buy your ticket now for $35.00 ($30.97 plus $4.03 HST) and guarantee you’ll have your spot.


3. Pay at the Door (Take your chances) – pay $40 at the door ($35.40 plus HST of $4.60) if there is space available. Although we’ll try our best to get you in, there is no guarantee that there will be space available and you may have to wait until someone leaves if the restaurant reaches capacity.

Picture of Yorkville

Wine Tasting at C House Lounge

MetroActive and Connect4Wine present

Wine Tasting at C House Lounge Cafe’ (70 Yorkville Avenue) on January 30th (7pm)

Enjoy great wines and food pairings with Italian cuisine.

With Italian Chef Silvia Pinton and Wine Expert Tom Hawkett of Connect4Wine

Taste 5 of our favourite wines from two of Ontario’s premier estate wineries from “The Bench” in Niagara.

Angels Gate Winery

The Organized Crime Winery

* Food will be served throughout the event that match the wines.
* The capacity of this event is 35 people.

* Please address appropriately as this is a Yorkville upscale restaurant

* Remember to bring your Paypal receipt proof of payment with you for admission into event

Only $49.50 (all taxes and gratuities are already included)

Power of Rejection

Power of Rejection

Few years ago I had participated in a Toronto Raptors 50/50 draw event . The goal  was to sell 2 tickets for  $5 or 3 tickets for $10 to fans coming to the game. We would be treated watching the 2nd part of the game from the press box have pizza and pop!

I was excited about  attending the game and was looking forward to do earning it by selling the tickets. I learned few important lessons in selling the tickets.

When I arrived I was given a shirt , apron and batches of tickets and explained the process on how to sell the tickets and who to report to when I came back with the  money. The next part  I advised  I would go out on my own. (That wasn’t too  exciting)

As I went to my designated spot I had to come up with a plan to sell these tickets on my own.  I knew what to say it was the rejection I was concerned about!

The people started coming  and I started saying.  “Participate in the 50/50 draw 2 tickets for $5 and 5 tickets for  $10 half of money goes to charity”.  I kept repeating it over and over again and nothing happening.  People just get passing by me as if I wasn’t there.  I had started to do some public speaking and one of the suggestions  from my entrepreneurs friends was to relax and take deep breathes and release the pressure, so that’s what  I did  stepped aside and  went to the side and just took some deep breathes and relaxed.

I re-entered the crowd and kept repeating the phrase over and over again. I began to sell some tickets and started to get some confidence and money in my apron. There were still people looking at me and going by, some were ignoring me and others were simply disinterested.

There was  young couple   who approached me holding hands and initially the guy turned me down but his girlfriend bumped him and told him to buy few tickets. I said  “Thank you and good luck!”

Within the next hour I had sold all my books and was full of  cash, I literally ran back with all my cash excited and joy filled. When I got back to give them the cash she said “ You sold them all, very good nobody is back yet, you want to back for more?” I thought more rejection sure why not!

“Rapid rejection works “ Tom Kaufmann

I headed back with more tickets and hand sold some more I even helped out another set of volunteers with encouragement and education. They tried to give their tickets to sell. “Nice try I said”

The tides turned very fast and all because I was persistent and determined to succeed and earn to watch the game and eat my pizza.

Patience is a virtue in any situation even in taking all that rejection it eventually turned over and worked for me and it was very exciting when it did.

As half time ended we went back and handed in all our money and remaining tickets and went on the long guided walk to the press box at the Air Canada Centre. The pizza and soft drinks awaited us as we sat down to watch the last 2 quarters of the game.

Had great time in meeting new people , sharing stories of our experience and networking.

At the end the game the Toronto Raptor’s scored more than 100 points and we won another slice of pizza!

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