Authentic Leadership

It has been a great experience to listen, learn and have amazing learning experiences with various trainers with Klemmer & Associates. The ability to share and inspire the audience is great opportunity to teach great concepts, the ability to engage and have them learn, do and apply is where the true magic happens.

It numerous events  that I have attended in the past year I have seen presenters from Ronnie Doss, Bill Bixby sharing authentic stories about their journey of success.

There has been many great experience that they have shared from the own journeys that has made an impact with us.

Below is story Ronnie Doss share at one of the events
Ronnie explains  he gets a phone call for his best friend John and he says “Let’s go skydiving today”.

Ronnie quickly says “ now way man I don’t do well with heights”

John says “ C’mon Ronnie it’s my birthday” He quickly agrees and head to the local airport to do the jump.

He gets there and all his buddies are there waiting for him. He goes through an instructional course on how to pack his parachute and other safety procedures.

Ronnie puts on his green jump suit and notices that there is the metal circular clip on his back. He asks John “what’s this for?”  he replies and says “don’t worry about that for now, just get on the plane!”

They all enter the plane and Ronnie is still not feeling good about this adventure, he is being oblivious to the situation and he is cracking jokes with his friends and making small talk not at interested in the what will be happening soon.

Few minutes later the pilot yells “ We are ready to go!”

Everyone begins to stand and get ready except Ronnie who is still sitting and gripping the chair very heavily with his hands. John walks over and says “Are you ready to jump?” and Ronnie like a little child shakes his head in the “no” motion.

John ask’s  Ronnie to get up politely get up, by the way John is 6’2 and Ronnie is 5’11. He turns Ronnie around and clips into the back of his green jump suit.  John replies and says “I am ready and we are doing this tandem”  Ronnie goes on to say that “ John puts his feet under his and begins to walk to the door. All I could do is keep my feet stiff , but that didn’t help”.

We get to the door and I held on to both sides of the plane door with my hands and remember saying  in loud voice “ I still don’t want to do this” John removes his hands and they jump “jeronimoh!!!”

The wind is hitting Ronnie in the face and they are sailing in the wind, time is moving fast as the parachute deploys and they reach the ground safely.

Ronnie Doss turns to John and says “that was awesome, we are doing it again!”

He proceeded to pay for everyone and did a second jump again.

Ronnie Doss was being an authentic leader in sharing the story straight out of his journey. The participants  were engaged, interested and gained a valuable experience from his point of view. We all put our hands together and  clapped  with excitement on his accomplished.

You have the same opportunity to be an authentic leader in your life.

As the Nike quote says “Just Do It”

Moral of the story is that we all face fear in our journey of success is about overcoming them and burst through them. There is a great analogy called F.E.AR. witch stands for False Evidence Appearing Real. Live through it and created a new reality for yourself and others and before you know it you will be sharing your story with others.

C House Lounge Cafe’ Special Offer to MetroActive Members and Guests

C HOUSE LOUNGE CAFE’ (upscale, trendy, elegant and a must try experience – see details below) located at 70 Yorkville Avenue is offering MetroActive members and guests a 2 for 1 deal on food items. See below for details. Just print off this flyer and take it into the restaurant (offer expires December 30th, 2012). To pass this offer to your friends, simply forward them this email and have them subscribe to the ezine by clicking above. Or take them along and impress them for the season.

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The Solotto Milanese experience has come to Canada through a Mediterranean-based restaurant called C House which is designed to entice, refresh, and amaze jet-setters and local aficionados alike. Whether for a date, business meeting or event the Milano style experience that includes amazing service, refreshing and elegant decor, C House’s own signature cocktails, modern menu and quality coffee beans and best equipment in the world this is a great venue experience.

C House began as a brilliant idea of the enterprising Cristiano Iezzi (Milan), creativity of leading restaurant designer Andrea Langhi (Milan) and support of Torrefazione Poli, a major Italian coffee business. The concept combines the best of quality culinary, design and service experience, which has made it one of the most elegant lounges in the world. This elegance has proven to impress people regardless in every one of the 40 locations in XX countries in which C House now has a location.

It only made sense for C House to locate in Yorkville, as the neighbourhood’s culturally rich history, diversity, international flair and top quality reflects the C House experience. The Yorkville community attracts both the sophisticated international customer as well as local individuals that appreciate the atmosphere, food and service they enjoy at C House. People come to C House for the gusto, quality, atmosphere and service found in the Mediterranean culture.With locations in Italy, France, Spain, Morocco, Romania, United Emirates, Cyprus and Canada C House is attracting a culturally diverse clientele which enjoy the most refined things in life, one
of them being the C House service and experience. C House has been able to rise to the challenge of bringing the Milanese lifestyle to new locations in different countries in a way that is consistent, understood, and appreciated,and so far, we have succeeded brilliantly.

C House’s customers are different in every country. In Romania the crowd is young and wealthy. In fact recently the most famous TV presenter turned up at the restaurant with her entourage. Half an hour later her boyfriend, a famous footballer showed up and then they asked for all lights to be turned off and replaced with candlelight, and ordered champagne. That is when he popped “The Question” and asked her to marry him. In the UAE they are local businessmen and sheiks, in Morocco they are a growing middle-class crowd and in Cyprus and Agai we are considered young and trendy. While in Canada we are attracting financiers, international business people, celebrities, media players, wealthy Yorkville residents and jet-set crowd. And in Italy we are considered everyone’s favourite cafe!

This Milanese experience shows through in both formats of C House; the lounge and express. Express is adapt for fast moving areas, such as in commercial centres and financial districts, while the Lounge format is more adapt for high class hotels, malls and neighbourhoods.

In Canada Mauro Cirelli drives the operations and training for both formats and he is part of the vision is to spread the concept to ideal locations across Canada. Mauro himself has quite a business pedigree having worked with one of the Europe’s largest restaurant chains based out of London, England. Now he is using his combination of British style methods with Italian style gusto and service to produce a contemporary experience to indulge the discerning soul. It is no wonder that the company’s goal is to open 60 locations in Canada alone within the next 5 years. C House is also looking at opening locations in Qatar, Santo Domingo and Russia and is open to looking at any location with a demand for the experience it provides.

C House is quickly developing a reputation for being a must try experience on Yorkville. Impressive with amazing service, refreshing and plush decor, portfolio of over 43 cocktails, great modern menu, the best coffee equipment in the world and a crisp atmosphere its Salotto Milanese experience is an attraction in itself. Many of the jet-set crowd drop in during the day to try the signature open sandwich dishes. Then there are customers that look forward to trying C House’s next signature cocktail creations. These creations include the world class Montecristo and the Chilli Mai Tai, which are attracting individuals from across the Toronto area. It is for this reason that the head chef, Yuri has been invited to participate in a cocktail competition.

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