Discrete Art Show and Networker – Nov. 28, 2012

Discrete EXPOSURE Art Show and Networker

This exhibition will showcase the modern and sensual paintings created by Lisa Cripps, Canadian Artist.  Lisa’s artwork is a continuance of her creative life’s journey as she pursues an evolutionary life path. As she evolves, so does her art! Please visit her website to see all her different styles of art.  The website is www.lisacripps.com .

One complimentary glass of wine or bar rail drink and complimentary light hors d’oeuvres will be offered.

This event will be focused on the Bay Street banker/financier community and the upscale Yorkville community.  Come enjoy the ambiance, meet new connections and see some great art!

We will also be auctioning off an Original Lisa Cripps Painting.

Live entertainment and art critics will also be present.

The event is limited to 90 lucky individuals.  Please R.S.V.P. us at info@metroactive.org with the heading ‘Art Show‘.

Wednesday November  28,  2012 –  6:30 PM  – 10:00 PM

C  House Cafe’ Lounge
70 Yorkville Avenue
Toronto, ON M5R 1B9
Tel: (416) 333-2220

MetroActive Event Planners Power Meet

MetroActive Event Planners Power Meet – 7pm, Tuesday, January 8th, 2013 (Bay/Bloor).

A brainstorming and coordinating gathering with event planners  in Toronto for 2013 so that the year is well covered, and every one has its place and fills a gap in the networking community. Lets work together to avoid overlapping event dates, cross-promote events and possibly combine events to bring greater value to event attendees.

If you have your own networking group or head a business group then come join us for a coffee and morning snack. We discuss the latest in business networking events, tips, opportunities and explore collaboration among the groups.

Fee is $5. Food and/or beverage is at attendees cost.

Please note: We reserve the right to increase the admission fee, but if you’re already registered the fee you paid will be honoured.

Register Now.

C House Lounge Cafe’ brings the Solotto Milanese experience from Italy to Yorkville

The Solotto Milanese experience has come to Canada through a Mediterranean-based restaurant called C House which is designed to entice, refresh, and amaze jet-setters and local aficionados alike. Whether for a date, business meeting or event the Milano style experience that includes amazing service, refreshing and elegant decor, C House’s own signature cocktails, modern menu and quality coffee beans and best equipment in the world this is a great venue experience.


C House Lounge Cafe’ on Yorkville Toronto

C House began as a brilliant idea of the enterprising Cristiano Iezzi (Milan), creativity of leading restaurant designer Andrea Langhi (Milan) and support of Torrefazione Poli, a major Italian coffee business. The concept combines the best of quality culinary, design and service experience, which has made it one of the most elegant lounges in the world. This elegance has proven to impress people regardless in every one of the 40 locations in XX countries in which C House now has a location.

It only made sense for C House to locate in Yorkville, as the neighbourhood’s culturally rich history, diversity, international flair and top quality reflects the C House experience. The Yorkville community attracts both the sophisticated international customer as well as local individuals that appreciate the atmosphere, food and service they enjoy at C House. People come to C House for the gusto, quality, atmosphere and service found in the Mediterranean culture.

With locations in Italy, France, Spain, Morocco, Romania, United Emirates, Cyprus and Canada C House is attracting a culturally diverse clientele which enjoy the most refined things in life, one
of them being the C House service and experience. C House has been able to rise to the challenge of bringing the Milanese lifestyle to new locations in different countries in a way that is consistent, understood, and appreciated,and so far, we have succeeded brilliantly.

C House’s customers are different in every country. In Romania the crowd is young and wealthy. In fact recently the most famous TV presenter turned up at the restaurant with her entourage. Half an hour later her boyfriend, a famous footballer showed up and then they asked for all lights to be turned off and replaced with candlelight, and ordered champagne. That is when he popped “The Question” and asked her to marry him. In the UAE they are local businessmen and sheiks, in Morocco they are a growing middle-class crowd and in Cyprus and Agai we are considered young and trendy. While in Canada we are attracting financiers, international business people, celebrities, media players, wealthy Yorkville residents and jet-set crowd. And in Italy we are considered everyone’s favourite cafe!

This Milanese experience shows through in both formats of C House; the lounge and express. Express is adapt for fast moving areas, such as in commercial centres and financial districts, while the Lounge format is more adapt for high class hotels, malls and neighbourhoods.

In Canada Mauro Cirelli drives the operations and training for both formats and he is part of the vision is to spread the concept to ideal locations across Canada. Mauro himself has quite a business pedigree having worked with one of the Europe’s largest restaurant chains based out of London, England. Now he is using his combination of British style methods with Italian style gusto and service to produce a contemporary experience to indulge the discerning soul. It is no wonder that the company’s goal is to open 60 locations in Canada alone within the next 5 years. C House is also looking at opening locations in Qatar, Santo Domingo and Russia and is open to looking at any location with a demand for the experience it provides.

C House is quickly developing a reputation for being a must try experience on Yorkville. Impressive with amazing service, refreshing and plush decor, portfolio of over 43 cocktails, great modern menu, the best coffee equipment in the world and a crisp atmosphere its Salotto Milanese experience is an attraction in itself. Many of the jet-set crowd drop in during the day to try the signature open sandwich dishes. Then there are customers that look forward to trying C House’s next signature cocktail creations. These creations include the world class Montecristo and the Chilli Mai Tai, which are attracting individuals from across the Toronto area. It is for this reason that the head chef, Yuri has been invited to participate in a cocktail competition.

Yorkville Discrete EXPOSURE Art Exhibition and Networker to Showcase the Works of Lisa Cripps

Discrete EXPOSURE art show and Networker at C House Cafe’ Lounge, 70 Yorkville Ave. – By invitation only. Visit www.metroactive.org and opt-in for newsletter then email us at info@metroactive.org with the heading ‘Art Show’ to let us know you would like to attend and we will confirm back. This event will be focused on the Bay Street banker/financier and the upscale Yorkville communities. 25 admissions available for free to MetroActive subscribers on a first come basis (includes one complimentary drink and light snacks). Live entertainment and art critics will also be present. The event will be limited to 90 lucky individuals. Attire: Business, cocktail social or equivalent. This event is not appropriate for network marketing, multi-level marketing (MLM) or affiliate marketing.

National Post, Toronto Sun Features Rosalie Moscoe, Frazzled Hurried Woman! Book

The National (Financial) Post, Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Why We Spend When We Mean to Save

by Meslissa Leong, National Post


The Saturday Sun, October 27, 2012

Reassess stress

New book coaches women on handling modern life


Frazzled, hurried … women. Is there any other kind?

And when has stress become the new norm? Who isn’t overextended and overwhelmed lately? Nine-to-five jobs have gone the way of the flip phone, and women in

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Teen Nutrition: Overfed and Undernourished?

Teens need exceptional nutrition – their bodies are still growing and maturing and so are their brains. Poor nutrition can lead to mood swings, especially for teens when hormones are changing (and raging). Too many chemicals, high sugar products plus not enough nutrients in their bodies are a bad combination. Without good nutrition, teens will have acne, weight gain, mood swings, anger or low energy. This will hinder their ability to concentrate on their studies. And girls will have difficult periods and headaches. Many will become pre-diabetic or diabetic.

Another staggering fact: from ADHD and depression, to anxiety and schizophrenia, mental illness affects as many as one in every five youth, making it the single most disabling group of disorders worldwide.

It is a difficult world, more complex than previous generations. Teens are “plugged in” all the time, there is more information to absorb, many lack coping skills and there are higher expectations. Nonetheless, there’s one area that is hardly ever talked about called the Missing Link in Mental Illness – especially pertaining to depression and anxiety. That missing link is poor diet– certainly not lack of calories, however.  What I am referring to is lack of nourishment and nutrients to the brain and body.

Sugar, unhealthy fats and chemicals in our food supply are the enemies of our times. We need to get teens back to healthy foods.

Teen Nutrition Basics

Blood Sugar Regulation

Eating foods such as orange juice, muffins, pastas, processed foods such as salad dressings, white flour products and even whole wheat bread is not always a great idea. These foods turn to sugar and the body reacts by releasing too much insulin to bring down dangerous levels of blood sugar. Excessive sugary foods prevent teens (and adults) from keeping ideal weight and maintaining a healthy blood sugar level – which is necessary for mood and good health. Poor blood sugar regulation is causing too many young people to be pre-diabetic or diabetic. High blood sugar forces insulin to be released to bring it down to safe levels. But sometimes the levels get too low and then another hormone, glucagon kicks in to bring blood sugar up to appropriate levels. If the person also had a few cups of coffee or some cookies or a milk shake, the blood sugar surges higher and drops shortly afterwards, resulting in a series of ‘highs and lows’.  Low blood sugar can make teens feel tired and moody, which leads them to reach for more poor carbohydrates (sugar) to spike their energy level back up again and the vicious cycle goes on.

Blood sugar regulation is essential.

Not all carbohydrates are created equal. Teens need carbohydrates to help fuel their bodies; it’s the choices that matter. Teens need to stabilize blood sugar with complex carbohydrates found in whole grains such as spelt, brown rice, quinoa, sweet potatoes, and whole oats – not sugar filled granola bars, cereals and store bought muffins filled with sugar and chemicals. Stay away from high fructose corn syrup, processed foods, packaged snacks, and processed soy products as best as you can.

Fruit and vegetables should be eaten in abundance. They contain fiber that help move bowels and reduce toxicity caused by retained waste.

Eliminate Unhealthy Fats and Chemicals

Healthy fats will nourish the brain, heart and nerves (which are covered by a myelin sheath made of fat) and will increase the body’s metabolism to burn fat. Avoid bad fats such as, margarine, fake butter products, hydrogenated fats, ‘light’ oils and processed fats. The best are cold pressed or cold processed fats, olive oil, coconut oil, avocado, butter, raw nuts such as walnuts, pecans, almonds, hazelnuts, ground flax seeds, pumpkin seeds – no heat involved that can damage fats. Some processed fats/oils sitting on grocery shelves have been through major processing – bleaching and deodorizing (Facts about Fat, Finnegan and Fats that Heal, Fats that Kill, Erasmus). The results are trans fatty acids filled with toxins. Watch for them in packaged foods.  If you can’t pronounce what’s on the package and you don’t know what it is, neither does your body. The body doesn’t know what to do with chemicals. The liver will be working hard to filter out the chemicals. Give your liver a break!

Eat Proteins at Every Meal

The growing teenage brain needs protein. Protein gives the body the building blocks it needs to repair and renew, and it also serves as a source of energy. Try fish, seafood, chicken, beef, pork and dairy products. Many nuts are high in protein, but beware: nuts also contain high levels of fat and calories. The protein in nuts is less adequate than the protein in meats, fish or eggs. For example, after eating the small amount of protein provided in a peanut butter sandwich at lunch, an hour or so later you may find yourself losing brain power. (Be sure to eat only all-natural nut butters – beware of processed peanut butter that is full of sugar.)

Amounts of Food

Calorie restriction is dangerous for anyone – particularly for young girls. Too many young teens have been triggered into anorexia. If they are eating life producing foods, then they can eat until full and won’t be required to eat more. Most people eat too much food due to the fact that the fast foods do not provide enough nutrients, and the body feels starved even though calories are high – so they eat more of the fast foods or processed foods and gain weight. Overfed and undernourished.

Nutrients to Thrive – the missing link in mental (and physical) health

Cells are powered by nutrients. Vitamin D alone powers 200 reactions in the body and without it teens will be prone to depression. Without enough B vitamins, and B12 (found in proteins) teens will feel lethargic, low in energy and be candidates for anemia, muscle wasting and depression or anxiety. Without enough Vitamin C (from most fruits and vegetables), scurvy-like symptoms can occur, bleeding gums, aching joints (people may think they’re ‘growing’ pains). Low zinc can trigger anorexia. Zinc has been nicknamed the “new anti-depressant”– it boosts mood and appetite.

Extra Tips:

If your teen is too tired or refuses to eat breakfast (which is truly the most important meal of the day) make them a fruit smoothie with protein powder and yogurt. It’s a fast, healthy way to start the day. We can’t control what our teens eat when they are away from home, so be sure to educate them about the ill-effects of junk food – potato chips, soda pop, fast foods, etc. Make a list of healthy “power foods for better moods” so teens are familiar with healthy alternatives. Want them to eat healthier? Buy healthier! Stock your cupboards and refrigerator with fresh, whole foods and nutritious snacks. Let your teens help shop for healthy foods that they like and let them prepare their own meals/snacks. Keep junk food out of the house or to a bare minimum. Sneak blueberries or zucchini into brownies if they’re not good fruit and vegetable eaters. As parents, set a good example for your children by eating healthy and instilling good eating habits when they are young.


Pinterest Works!

Earlier this year I had heard a lot of interesting stories about this new site Pinterest. Started to see the logo on various websites and  TV commercials.

I started to create a few boards and share some of my hobbies from dvd’s, achievements and items I had for sale and trade.

In the months to come I had created over 20 boards with various titles. I even sold a few items that I had posted. (jewelery and dvd’s and electronics)

Feel free to follow me and some of the boards I have created.

Links to check out:

Famous People:


Achievements and Awards:

Journey to year of changes and success

It has interesting and exciting 2012 and look forward to 2013 the opportunities that await!

In late November 2011 I left for their corporate world and had due to corporate changes so I took a package and went looking for new opportunities. I was prepared mentally working and personally developing and having had success in business I know I had the abilities to succeed.

Meeting to great mentors in 2003 and learning about business, life and success had given me the confidence to overcome any obstacles that I faced. My persistence and risk adverse attitude were the two traits that drove me forward.

I had already had some business success since 2003 when I got involved in business with my 1st mentor Terry Gogna who had introduced me to amazing personal development system and business opportunity that I learned, evolved and had great success.

2nd Mentor Max Haroon was the founder of Society of Internet Professionals a non-profit internet organization. Max Haroon an early internet pioneer who had North American success. I began to volunteer and assist with SIP. from public relation, events management, promotion, database management and eventually sharing the same stage and speaking with him!

It was an amazing year to meet 2 mentors in the same year. This affected my professional work life also. Gaining confidence and doing multiple projects that I thrived at using my unique abilities from inventory management, microsoft office and data management.

In 2008 I wrote my first article for first article for Empower.ca on Volunteer to Success following by 3 more articles for Toronto Public Library (Small Bizxpress) which I get paid for. Being surround with entrepreneur in that time period, I went on to leverage those four articles into paid speaking opportunities with Enterprise Toronto and corporate training.

I started a blog and began to write numerous articles on Networking, Mentorship, Marketing and Leadership. In my 2011 I did a 4 week paid training program for Enterprise Toronto where I shared with inner city inspiring young entrepreneurs classes on Business planning, networking, sales and mentorship.It was a huge success I had many fellow entrepreneurs and professionals attend my classes.

Dianne Ojar-Ali Author Mrs. Fraud and You brought her husband Ken Ali to my sales session, Dianne Ojar-Ali later advised me that I had education and inspired him on how sales is important and everyone does it.

I wanted to share these stories to give you insights on what happened after I took my package in November 2011. For the next 90 days I aggressively looked for work in the corporate world. I got referrals from friends and use couple of agencies which did specific job search in the industry I working (transportation logistics and operations)

I had numerous interviews with different companies and for various positions. There were a few companies that I felt I had conversations with and felt very confident I would start very soon.

Had also got interviews from online posting and referrals from friends regarding positions in logistics  to marketing. Unfortunately none of them didn’t work out.

Then on January 11,2012 I had an amazing opportunity happen with Constant Contact (Social Media company out of Boston,MA)

In October 2011 I had signed up as a user to use their email marketing program, my database had got very big so I need something else to send out my newsletters Getting shut down by my ISP service 3 times in  year didn’t help!

Had great success using the service in October and November promoting events that I was doing during that time. I had build a great connection with Lisa Kember Regional Director for Constant Contact (Ontario). She had suggested I look into the Solution Provider Program they offered, which was to participate in revenue sharing in their services, I had a number of organizations who had started using the service and having success, Why not get paid for it!

Completed the necessary forms for the Solutions Provider Program and was accepted.

Going back to January 11th I had attended a session that Lisa Kember was doing at downtown hotel on various social media topics and after the presentation she wanted to meet with me an pay for lunch. I was nervous and happy at the same time!

In December 2011 she has asked to send her some You Tube clips of me speaking and I since forgotten about it until she mentioned at our meeting. She went to say ” We are looking at building a team of trainers in Toronto called Authorized Local Experts and she was inquiring if your are interested, was impressed with your presentation style you have, Is this of interest?”

I had one question as a leaned over to ask ” Yes! does it pay?”

She offered in response laughing ” Yes it does!”

I said ” Sign me up!”

On January 26, 2012 I got the 8 page contract which I review and signed. It turned out that I had a speaking opportunity the next day in Newmarket for Meetup group I was a co-organizer. I email my contact and advised if I can do it. The quickly pointed out that if I can scan get the contract back to them that night  and print out the speaking document and powerpoint I should be good. I did what they advised and didn’t get much sleep!

I did the presentation the next day using the notes(which I read) and used the laptop to share with the group.

The rest is history its  November 2012 and I have done numerous corporate training programs Moresales.com Workforce Planning Group, Tangible Words, Professional Organizers and SOHO.ca

Have been to various organizations all around Toronto from Trios College(Brampton,Mississauga,Toronto).Meet up groups and professional organizations.

Lisa Kember has been a great coach and mentor throughout the year in her support and feedback on how to get evolve and get better.

I have made new connections and business partners who have been instrumental in my continued success from Marc Gordon, Tom Kaufmann, Jamil Khan, Brett Deguire, Bonnie Chan, Patrick Bizindavyi, Justin McMakin, Paul Renie, Gary Vaynerchuk, Amber Mac and many more.

It’s all about your personal drive to success and your persistence to succeed. Surrounding yourself with resources who will support and encourage you is important to your long-term success.

I wish everyone an exciting and prosperous 2013!

Stay tuned for my two new websites www.21connections.ca and www.jimpagiamtzis.com coming soon.