Amazing week living the Get Connected Make Wealth Happen Lifestyle! Jan 31st- Feb 5th 2012

It was an amazing week speaking and sharing and generating business less than 7 days!

Tuesday Jan 31,2012 attended the Toronto Finance group near the airport. Shared my insights Networking and Blogging success. Patrick Bizindavyi (Author of Journey Man Stories and President of Goal Achieves Canada talk about his 10 years success on how networking created opportunities for him, on how his blog propelled his success to become a book and rewarding speaking and consulting career.

Rania Effat shared her recent success in starting her new blog and how she took action to achieve her immediate success. Mira Sirotic one the attendees past on a referral regarding opportunity to be on panel for an event for Junior Leadership Program in Toronto. (More on that later) Big thanks go to Larry Cooper for this opportunity. Had met him at a Klemmer & Associates event last week of December 2011.

On February 1st 9:00am had an amazing radio interview with Fatima Omar Khamissa Founder of God Conscious Women’s Institute.She has radio show (www.americanmuslim362) (It felt as if I was on Anderson Cooper 360 on CNN!) where every Wednesday she talks to inspire and motivate people who want to share with the world their success and how they can do the same

We talked about the power of been great networking, having mentors to learn from in our journey of success. Access to resources from local libraries and audios to learn from and being on the journey being lifelong learners.

On Wednesday February 2nd had great Skype call from Baldo Minaudo President of Metro Active in Toronto. ( regarding the opportunity to do article features for his Metro Active membership and assist him with his social media campaign!

Friday February 3rd Mastermind event in North York
Was invited by Patrick Bizindavyi and Bonnie Chan to participate in mastermind group that is starting in North York. Have be part of a successful Goal Achievers mastermind group since February 2011, it was great share my experience and impart them on the new members

Had great phone conversation on February 3nd with Rob Canyon (mentor by Brian Tracy) on Friday Feb 3 regarding Business, life and Success. Gave me new title for my book How to be successful in Social Media less than 30 days(7). Came due a talk I was scheduled to do at Business Connection 2012 in Toronto on February 7,2012. At the time as in 1st place and would have 5 minutes to talk on stage. Rob Canyon suggested to leverage the book at then end to use and give-away and to create excited to engage in audience with result of collecting business cards from participants for book material. Engaging title and high perceived value( key secret revealed on how seminar industry works)

Saturday Feb 4th London Tap House event in Toronto

Few weeks ago got a great Facebook message from Ravi Amir if I was interested in speaking about networking success at an evening event he had organized. I was intrigued and developed talk called “How to become a Dating Success in less than 30 days” Looked forward to sharing my experience and insights. As it turned out talk didn’t happen due to timing but we did do some one on one session with a few participants. Below is a brief comment:
Bhanu Rana made this statement “ Jim, thanks for the short talk, your insight and positive attitude turned my night around, it turned out to be great night after all!”

Sunday February 5th JPL (Junior Leadership Program) in association with Go Vision

As mention earlier got great referral at the Toronto Finance Network event from Mira Sirotic (CMA). It was full house of students in 1st and 2nd year at the Hart House (University of Toronto Campus). HSBC was the sponsor of the event and had representatives from multiple branches. Due to last minute change we had opportunity to speak for 15 minutes to the group (brought my USB with my presentation just in case).

It was great to share my insight and experience on the journey of meeting mentors who affected my life in some many ways. From my earlier mentors Max Haroon, Terry Gogna to current mentors Patrick Bizindavyi, Marc Gordon (
Peter Chung consultant and University of Toronto alumni shared his paths of success and inspired attendees to continue to learn everyday and never stop.

Moral of the story:
Opportunities are everyone and it all begins with networking and meeting people everywhere you go. Follow up and getting results will get you lesson and experience to share with others.