Bill 168 and Accessibility Ontario…..

Are you ready for when the ministry knocks on your door and starts an audit? I bet your not and your going to get a nice fine as well as the company. This can run upwards of over $50 thousand! This can potentially destroy a company, if not close it down. This includes a company that has only ONE person. It seems that people are not fully aware of what the government is doing and what these new legislation changes are and how they effect them.
We are in contact with the government in order to get the FACTS and not read this on the internet or guess what will happen. We are also aware of how they are going to perform the audit and what to expect and how to make sure you are in compliance and will pass with a great report.
Call The Staff Room today and we will arrange to meet you and go over everything and explain this properly to you. These are two very serious matters and are currently in place NOW.
Let us help you……1-888-716-7791 or email
thank you and we look forward to working with you!