Panning For Gold Auction

This oil painting (size: 24″ by 30″) was created by Canadian contemporary artist Lisa Cripps. Titled ‘Panning for Gold’, this artistic creation was inspired by Lisa Cripps’ work in the mining and investment industry as President of Capital Transfer Agency Inc. based out of Toronto’s Financial District. Lisa is a highly respected and loved MetroActive member who has contributed to the success of many of our members through her kindness, introductions and support.

'Panning for Gold' by Lisa Cripps - A 24"-30" oil painting inspired by the mineral and mining industry

Lisa has graciously donated this painting as part of “Let’s Build a Mine 2012” to take place at Akco Lounge in the Exchange Tower complex on February 8th, 2012. Proceeds from the auction of the painting will be donated to the The Townships Project – A Canadian non-profit jumpstarting business in South African townships through microlending, microfranchising and asset based community development. Canadian Charitable Registration Number (86418 8420 RR0001).The Townships Project

Lisa Cripps paintings are sought after by some of the most successful Bay Street executives and can be found on the walls of the following Financial District offices: Peterson Law Professional Corporation, Integral Wealth Securities Limited – Richard Jozefacki, Trelawney Mining, Magcopper – Mani Verma, Micon International – Mani Verma, That Channel (, McLean Kerr LLP – Jim Blake, McLean Kerr LLP – Gary Sugar.

Early bids for the auction will be accepted online. To place your bid register as a user on this site (with your proper name and email address) and enter your bid as a comment below this post which will be approved according to timestamp (or email with your name, contact info and bid amount). If you have the winning bid you will be contacted on or after February 8th, 2012 for payment and exchange. Winner of auction will be given the opportunity to be photographed and interviewed for an announcement to MetroActive’s 13,500 members, online posting and press release. If for whatever reason, the winning bid is not executed the painting will default to the next highest qualifying bid.