The Trick to Finding a Perfect Home

There exists a special bond between a house or property and its inhabitants. This is true for a private house or apartment, as well as any commercial property. When we live in a home/apartment, etc., we begin to attach fondness and comfort to that place. In return, our home begins to adapt and shape itself towards us.

When we are in the process of looking for a new home or selling our existing one, we tend to overlook this simple connection. The real estate market today is quick and competitive. As a buyer or seller, we are swept up into the sea of details which factor into any real estate transaction. We look at location, price, and shape of the home initially and go off on the tangent of other details which contribute to our buying or selling.

We forget that a home is a sanctuary; a sacred and private part of us. And because of this, we overlook an important factor that should be foremost in our buying a home. That is, how we fit and feel within it. The average buyer will look through several properties each week in his or her process of finding the right home.

As soon as we step onto a specific property, our first impression of the place comes in form of an instinctual sense. We feel good or uneasy about it momentarily. However, most of us do not acknowledge our own inner voice but begin to analyse what we see. Consequently, our homes are bought because of their characteristics; their location, their size, their price, etc. Have you ever asked anyone why they bought their home and heard the reply, “It just naturally fit with us. It felt right.” Most of us have not. And what a pity, for when our home is bought for the wrong reasons, we tend to find ourselves having more difficulty with it after the closing day.

So the message is: love your home. Love all the properties you see in your buying and selling process. Show the same respect and gratitude towards them as you would to your own. You will be surprised at what property may come your way and the ease with which your transaction will be completed.

This article was written by Elizabeth Knezevic, Co-Founder, Guide, HA Solutions Inc. 

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