The networking gap, who is the better @ networking Men or women?

Insights from two networking Gurus Jim Pagiamtzis and Janette Burke

A man walks into a social function. During the minute it takes him to reach the table, he has already connected with 10 people. A woman walks into a restaurant. In the same minute, she stops to talk to only two people.

Who is better at networking – men or women? To answer this question and dispel the myth, I asked Janette Burke, ‘Your Marketing Magnet’ to weigh-in.

Janette’s answer: The woman of course!
Jim’s answer: The Man

Jim Pagiamtzis response

Men are the hunters. We go out, network, talk and collect cards and promote ourselves. It’s the natural way they do business. Adding online connections from LinkedIn to increase our resources and find the right people for the right deal.
Our status is important in the way we communicate and its done through confidence. We walk in a room scan it quickly and enter the foray of conversation – collecting and handing out cards with essence of getting quantity and not being concerned about quality. Through this process we can narrow down our focus and talk to the most influential people in the room.

Being part of the social fabric is where we do our business. Our professional experience is shared and we know that will lead to a result, although we are well aware this does take time and energy to complete.
Getting connected and making wealth happen is the laser focus that we have entering an environment where we want to succeed and get results.

Janette Burke response:

Men by nature may be the hunters and gathers, but if they really want to “go out, network, talk, collect cards and promote their businesses, make connections and wealth happen” (as you put it), they should explore the Women’s method for achieving long-term “business success.”
You see when it comes to networking and GROWING our businesses, us gals believe in QUALITY over QUANTITY. We prefer to take our time getting to know and LISTENING to our prospects. And tend to bestow all our attention and focus on THEM – asking key questions, exploring their particular needs and determining how we (or someone we know) can easily solve them.
We also concentrate on building and nurturing the relationship first, knowing that sales and profits are sure to result.
We QUALIFY our prospects up-front. In the course of doing so, don’t waste precious time and resources going backwards to figure-out this “process” later. We refer to this as WORKING SMARTER not HARDER!
With more and more of us now at the helm of our own companies and earning over 25% of what our boyfriends and spouses make, it appears we’re leading and succeeding in our marketplace and paving the way! So we must be doing something right!!

Janette Burke – Canada’s Six-Figure Marketing/PR Coach, Consultant, Speaker, Trainer, Columnist, Author & TV Personality

Jim Pagiamtzis – Author, Speaker and Elite Entrepreneur

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