JF Hillebrand Brings Old And New To 2011 London Wine Fair

Liz Palmer Direct from LIWF

Renowned wines and spirits logistics expert JF Hillebrand, which has been entrusted with shipping the world’s oldest bottle of Champagne to the London International Wine Fair, is also using the event to showcase its supply chain management services for wines of more recent origin.

The bottle of 18th Century Champagne, believed to be from the house of Veuve Clicquot, was recovered last summer from a shipwrecked schooner that had lain 55 metres below the Baltic Sea off Åland – an autonomous region of Finland – for 230 years.

Still drinkable, this find, which predates the previous oldest Champagne in the world by at least 25 years, has generated tremendous interest in the world of wines and Grayling (the world’s second largest independent Public Relations, Public Affairs, Investor Relations and Events consultancy) has been authorized to host a bottle at this year’s event, at which JF Hillebrand is also exhibiting for the 12th year.

Understandably, given the high value of the shipwrecked champagne, Grayling sought the help of experts for the intricate shipment from Åland, which required meticulous packing, protection and temperature-control combined with expedited service to ensure that it arrived at London’s ExCeL in good time for the exhibition opening on May 17.

As the world’s leading specialist logistics provider to the wines and spirits trade, JF Hillebrand is used to serving the needs of clients with a much younger product than the shipwrecked Champagne, but who still require a exceptional level of transportation and inventory control.

Visitors to LIWF are invited to contact JF Hillebrand to arrange a meeting by e-mailing g.harrington@hillebrandgroup.com. Alternatively, just turn up at stand L22.

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