Hanlan’s Point Beach (Clothing Optional) Effective Season Begins This Weekend

Toronto’s only clothing optional beach, known as Hanlan’s Point has entered its effective season. This is when tourists and the summer crowd decide to start frequently the beach to capture that all-over body tan.

At any one time there is a minimum of 50 people on the beach and during the summer weekends that number increases to over 500. On average, a quarter of the beach goers are women and there has been an increasing number of families attending over recent  years.

If you’ve never visited the beach and want to try something ‘refreshing’ (LOL) this weekend, pack your water and suntan lotion, leave your swimsuit behind and head on over for one of Toronto’s spectacles.

For information on how to get to Hanlan’s Point Beach, as well as information on other Toronto attractions visit – http://metroactive.org/wordpress/toronto-top-attractions/