The StairClimbing Tribe

The sense of belonging….this is what every human being seeks and wants, the feeling of belonging and community. Not only is it a want, it is one of our basic needs as human beings. It is ingrained in our DNA, to belong to a group of individuals.

Since the dawning of the 21st century our need for belonging, acceptance and community have greatly increased. The internet and the tools it brings such as Facebook, twitter and Myspace have allowed individuals to belong to a particular group of individuals and form a community.

A community of people that come together to share a common purpose and to form a community are called Tribes. Tribes have been around for thousands of years, but until now havent been acknowledged for the power that they bring.

Being part of a Tribe helps connect people, builds a sense of trust among members and helps build a strong organization and movement.

Our StairClimbing Meet-up groups are “Tribes of Participants” coming together for one common purpose, to support one another in losing weight and getting healthier using stairclimbing.

Our members have a strong bond with one another because each and every one know that they belong to this tribe.

Each member of the stairclimbing tribe has encouraged, motivated, pushed each other to climb higher and have shared their own unique weight loss and fitness stories. They have broken bread together, cried together and laughed together.

Belonging to this tribe is a fantastic experience that many people will never forget!

We are forming many “StairClimbing Tribes” across Canada and around the world and we are always looking for new tribe members.

Interested? Sign up to become part of this amazing group of individuals!

Regina StairClimbing Tribe

Toronto StairClimbing Tribe

Do you want to start your own StairClimbing Tribe – Then Click here!

Learn more about the Canada StairClimbing Association

Tribe Leader and Founder
Trevor Folgering
The Canada StairClimbing Association

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