PSI Seminars

I was surfing the internet when I came across a website with the explicit mandate of exposing a huge fraud that is destroying lives.  The owner of the website claims that PSI Seminars is a cult that is designed to pressure people into taking the expensive seminars that range into the thousands of dollars.

The webiste is and the stories that are posted demonstrate just how relationships and lives have been destroyed.  One story in particular is about a woman who was persuaded to take the course by her close friend.  The short of it is that she came back from the seminar and 30 days later left her husband. A year later she’s maxed out her credit card paying for more and more courses on becoming more spiritual.  Meanwhile, she’s gone onto eharmony looking for a relationship. The man goes on to say that she’s put out feelers to see if he’s willing to get back together with her.

My advice to him is not to waste his time with such a week woman that she would destroy her life-long relationship so readily after returning from a week of brain-washing, programming or whatever you want to call it.  There are lots of good women out there, they actually out number the men. So say goodbye to this looser of an excuse for a woman and find yourself someone who is serious, reliable, local and able to commit.

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