GCEngineers & The Inventors College

GCEngineers has gone through a major update in which embodies the new “Do it Your Self Inventors Course”. Through the hard work put in by the team of programmers, officials, and marketers GCE has taken a path into business with the Inventor’s College.

The Inventors course has been offered previously to approximately 100 people. This number includes students, professionals, engineers, teachers, tinkerers, and university & college students. It has proven to work in a way where the invention created can be exposed to the market in a very precise manner. The course also offers documents as to how to create your invention, how to market your idea, what documents to sign, the knowledge you need in 2011 to succeed with what you’re creating, and patent information.  Proven to work in Canada and the leading institute in gathering inventor’s under one roof, the Inventors College has grown to be a sustainable institute that provides the best for inventors. “The Great Canadian Inventions Show” is a show that is organized by the Inventors College in which they bring members that have taken the course and started their inventions. They then show case what they have invented to companies and business individuals that are interested in new business ventures. This show occurs once a year in different areas to allow the vast of inventors ease of access. Multiple organizations and business professionals attend this show and view what’s being created today.

GCEngineers has improved its sustainability by improving the network itself. This is provided by the expansion of bandwidth, faster loading of applications, and more precise features for the engineers of tomorrow. The team of programmers has also expanded to encompass two new freshmen from George Brown College. With the help of the community and the Inventors College, GCEngineers has proven its presence in the Colleges in Canada.  GCEngineers offers the Course online to help you get started on the road to inventions. Along with offering the course online, GCEngineers gives you the opportunity to access our free online directory of PDFs and engineering books. The idea of expansion is quickly growing within the team of GCE officials as GCEngineers is opening up an office in the Middle East where Engineers are needed. The Emirates is a place where engineers from all around the world are located.

Read more about Engineering in the Middle East within out next week article.

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