New Discussion Forums for The Canada StairClimbing Association

We now have a new forum for discussions on StairClimbing and health related topics like weight loss and nutritional supplementation.

This is a great place to discuss the hot topics of stairclimbing and really help us create a global community. Please feel to add you own topics and reply to other posts. Even if you are new stairclimbing please feel ask questions to others and really get as much information as you can. This forum is a place where we can all share training tips, information about races, competitive strategies and share the latest news and views of stairclimbing.

This forum is also a great place to share ideas on how you would like to see the sport progress. Our goal is to have stairclimbing become a global phenomenon. We need your help! This is your chance to help grow this sport by becoming part of the community. It is really important that we grow the community of stairclimbers, which means adding your own thoughts and opinions on what YOU think is important.

Please post and respond to topics here

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