Back to The Basics – Achieve Fitness Success in 2011 Part 3

With all the new technology that we posses in today’s society, the basic fitness lessons have been lost in the dark.

The Ipad, Iphone, and all those cool apps that supposedly help you become more fit have really stopped individuals from achieving their true fitness potential.

It is time to get “Back to the Basics” when it comes to improving health and losing body fat.

In this installment of “Achieving Fitness Success in 2011” we will take a look at five basic lessons of fat loss and how you can implement them in your life quickly to produce quick, measurable results.

Lesson #1 – Turn on Your Fat-Burning Machine Naturally. To really burn body fat efficiently you must help your body become a fat-burning machine. The first lesson is get sufficient rest! The bodies fat burning capabilities are severely hampered when you do not get enough shut-eye. Not getting enough rest naturally slows down ALL chemical reactions in the body including burning fat. Aim for eight hours a night. 

Lesson #2 – Eat More Often. By eating more often throughout the day you will increase all chemical reactions that happen in the body, including burning fat. You must think of the body as a wood burning stove, the more wood you put in the stove the hotter the fire gets. Strive to eat six times a day. These meals are small, and should take you five minutes to eat. Of course, make sure that you eat a balance of protein and carbohydrates at each meal.

Lesson #3 – Eat like a King for Breakfast and a Pauper in the Evening. Your biggest meal should be in the morning. As you get through the day the metabolism naturally slows down, so to should you slow down with your food intake. Any meals after six pm should be comprised of salads and some type of protein. (Chicken and salad)

Lesson #4– Strength Train for Increased Fat-Burning. Strength Training naturally pulls your body into a fat-burning state! WHY? Because muscle is active tissue and requires additional nutrients to sustain itself. This means that the more muscle you have, the higher your metabolism will become, and the more calories you burn at rest.

Lesson #5 – Workout Smarter, Not Harder. Back to Basics Training says the most efficient workout is one that takes 45 minutes or less. StairClimbing produces amazing results in a short amount of time. The amount of calories that are burned in stairclimbing is really amazing!

A 140 lb female at a height of 5 foot 6 can expect to burn 840 calories in an hour.
A 185 lbs male at a height of 6 foot one can expect to burn 1160 calories in an hour 

This means that stairclimbing will burn over 2500 calories for a women and almost 3500 calories for a man!

A pound of body fat that accumulates is equal to consuming an additional 3500 extra calories in a week. So as you can see, stairclimbing helps burn almost one pound of body fat a week!

Talk about getting back to basics, one step at a time!

Forget the high tech fads, begin a stairclimbing routine and you will be amazed at the results that are produced!

Learn more about StairClimbing meet-up groups in your city!

Till next time, Step Strong!

Trevor Folgering
The Canada StairClimbing Association

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