Achieve Fitness Success In 2011 Series Part 2

Welcome back!

In this ongoing series we will take a look at how you can achieve all your fitness goals in 2011 and really vitalize and energize your body.

In the last blog we talked about the five mistakes that people make when trying to get fit and healthy. In part two we take a look at different success strategies that will make a huge difference in your health for 2011.

Step #1 Setting Yourself Up For Success

Many people do not get the results they are after because they fail to plan out exactly how they are going to lose body fat and increase their health. 

Remember this: “If you fail to plan, then you plan to fail.”

It is critical before you even start exercising, climbing stairs or lifting weights, that you PLAN! Just like the general who plans his strategy as he leads his army into war, so must you plan your strategy for losing bodyfat. 

This is a necessary step and one that must be done before any success will be obtained.

Step #2 Goals: Shaping the Subconscious

When the topic of goal-setting comes up most people turn a blind eye to this process, or they get stuck in what I call the “New Years Syndrome.” They write down their New Years Resolutions” and follow them for a few weeks and then the goals go in a drawer somewhere, forgotten until the end of the year when the cycle starts all over again.

Goal setting works, it is not magic or voodoo. However goals must be reviewed weekly or daily and changed if necessary.

Setting goals correctly will shape the subconscious in believing that you have already achieved the goal. You first must visualize the end result and believe that you have achieved your fitness goals. 

You subconscious cannot distinguish from what is fiction and what is reality. Therefore if you already in your minds eye strongly believe you are 20 lbs lighter and more healthy your subconscious will help you move towards the end goal more quickly. 

Step #3 Develop Your Team

One of the most important steps in achieving your fitness goals for 2011 is to develop a strong support team. You have to realize that even with all the best nutritional strategies and training programs you will ultimately come across stumbling blocks or obstacles. A strong support team will help you overcome these obstacles and push you towards fitness success. 

Who is on your support team? Here is a brief list

1) A supportive family member.
2) A supportive friend
3) A fitness coach 
4) A group of other individuals who are striving towards the same goals.

The key here is to surround yourself with like minded people who all share similar goals and will support you on your fitness journey just as you will support them on theirs. 

Step #4 – Get Started TODAY! (Do not wait till January 1st 2011)

The key in all of this is in two single words: Personal Power. Personal Power means your ability to take action! All of this information is useless unless YOU take action! 

If you are reading this blog you are one of the few who want to change their fitness for the better, however you must now ACT!

Start today! Do not wait till January 2nd 2011!

Here are three action steps to take RIGHT NOW!

1) Clean out the cupboards – Get rid of all the processed foods and junk that you have in the house. (Hint – 99 percent of food that is in boxes is processed and is garbage for the body)
2) Replace with healthy fuel! Food is fuel for the body, the problem is that we are feeding our bodies diesel fuel instead of premium gasoline! Go to the grocery store and purchase lean cuts of poultry, fresh vegetables, fruits, lean cuts of meat, slow burning carbohydrates like oatmeal, brown rice and yams. If you need a helping hand with this email us and we will send you some information regarding nutrition
3) Join a fitness meet-up group in your area. A fitness meet-up group is an excellent way to start on the road to fitness. When you join our meet-up groups you will be surrounding yourself with individuals who have the same goals as you do, and will support you and help you get to your fitness goals. Individuals in a meet-up group provide accountability and support!

Here are two of our meet-up groups that you can join! 

In our third installment for “Achieving Your Fitness Goals in 2011” we will take a look at the process of setting goals!

Stay Tuned!

Trevor Folgering
The Canada StairClimbing Association

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