About Your Idea…

At one point or another, each one of us has come up with a great idea for a business, product or better way of doing things. It is normal to think about a new idea for a while, to develop the details, maybe even talk to others about our idea. And often, before we know it someone else launches our very idea.

Regardless of whether someone took your idea or it was just a coincidence, the point is that it is up to you to act on and/or protect your idea if you would like to profit from it or even just get recognition for it.

Although fully protecting your idea can cost tens of thousands of dollars, there is something you can do to plant your flag in the market for as little as $10. If you have an idea or business that is not already out there, then one of the first things you can do before you start talking to anyone about it is to register your domain name. A full-service and affordable domain registration service can register your domain for less than $10 and only takes about 5 minutes.

So, what happens if you don’t do anything with your idea? Maybe you’re like some people who are fortunate (or unfortunate) enough that you come up with ideas, but just don’t seem able to or are able to do anything with them. Well, if the idea is good and you own the domain, you may be happy to know that you may be approached by someone to buy your domain name off you.

For example, this week I was offered $100 on a domain name that I registered for only $10, ‘www.giveandgrow.com’. I didn’t sell it because I have plans for it and I know it is worth more than $100.

Good luck with your securing your domain name. I look forward to following your success.

Baldo Minaudo

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