The Evil Eye

Are you experiencing bad luck? Do you have low energy or are ill? Have you been in an accident? Are you attracting the wrong partners or lovers? Is your business or career suffering? Is success continuously evading you? Are you having difficulty staying focused? Are your plans always being sabotaged? You may have ‘The Evil Eye’!

What Is ‘The Evil Eye’?

The Evil Eye is a very powerful negative force formed from an individual’s innate energy or ability to manifest. The Evil Eye can be attached, either intentionally or unintentionally to an individual or an individual’s living possessions. Once successfully enacted the Evil Eye can remain in place indefinitely or until it is removed. The consequences of The Evil Eye are reduced personal energy, illness, death, accidents and unexplainable negative events or circumstance (usually ongoing) in one’s life.

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Article Headings Include:
What Is ‘The Evil Eye’?
How Do You Get ‘The Evil Eye’?
Common Situations In Which You Are Likely To Get ‘The Evil Eye’:
Who Are You Most Likely To Cast ‘The Evil Eye’ From?
Who Is Most Vulnerable To ‘The Evil Eye’?
How Do You Know You Have ‘The Evil Eye’?
Removing ‘The Evil Eye’
Self-Removal Of ‘The Evil Eye’?
The Marsala Ritual For Self-Removal Of ‘The Evil Eye’?
Protecting Against ‘The Evil Eye’
Protecting Yourself and Your Family From ‘The Evil Eye’
Painted Eyes
Apotropaic Charms
The Red String Bracelet (or Kabbala Bracelet)