Application form for attendance at complimentary wine presentation

One of the MetroActive members is sponsoring a free wine tasting and wine investment presentation evening for Tuesday, November 8 (7-9pm) in the King/Spadina area of downtown Toronto. 

Top quality wines from Napa Valley will be sampled and pared with the finest complimentary cheeses. A top Canadian tax expert will present an option on investing in a wine co-op and winery through your RRSP that provides a return of a personal supply of top quality wine, return of investment, tax benefits and an equity position, with investment of only $11k-$13k being secured with a mortgage over the winery.

If you are interested in attending you can apply by taking 2 minutes to answer 6 questions at

As always, for our private events (which are often free), first priority is provided to those that have a paid membership with MetroActive. Most of our free events don’t get advertised anywhere other than directly to our paid members because of their high quality and demand. You can learn more about membership at

We look forward to seeing you on Tuesday (if you are one of the selected ones).


First Name:
Last Name:
What is the dollar value of all the bottled wine you purchase In a year?:
What is your favourite wine?:
How many times in the last two years have you visited a Niagara winery?:
Have you ever been to Napa Valley?:
Do you belong to a wine club and if so which one?:
Do you have an RRSP?:
Are you happy with the performance of your RRSP?:
Are you interested in having real estate investments within your RRSP?:

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