Become Partner in Business Consortium

Become Partner in Consortium – $5000 (Toronto)

Join a group of individuals for the purpose of starting and buying profitable businesses. Together we will combine our talents, skills, expertise, experience, knowledge and resources to succeed as a group. You will bring your unique interests and talents to the group and be an active partner. Decisions will be made as a group and we will develop our mandate and criterion together. There will be between 13 and 23 members in the group.

This group is about everyone succeeding. You must believe that it is more important to own a small piece of the bakery that a whole pie to participate. We’re not looking for perfection or astounding individuals, but individuals with the ability to contribute in unique and valuable ways and able to commit to the group and succeeding. At first we may meet in person once a week for 2-2.5 hours.

The group is being established and guided by an experienced corporate banker, investment banker, serial entrepreneur, corporate development executive and management consultant with one of the world’s most extensive network of business professionals.

Email with your telephone number, LinkedIn profile link or bio/resume’ and subject line ‘consortium’.