Dorset Park Neighbourhood

Dorset Park Neighbourhood – another Toronto community in transition with potential upside appreciation in home value.

Dorset Park is a middle-income, family oriented neighbourhood that spans between Midland Avenue and Kennedy Road from highway 401 to just south of Lawrence Avenue.

Originally, in the 1800’s, it was part of a small farming hamlet surrounding the Kennedy and Ellesmere Road intersection, called the Village of Ellesmere.  During the early 1900’s the community’s focal point was the Ellesmere Arena, which served as home of the Maple Leaf Curling Club and the Ellesmere Maple Leaf Band. The Village was known for its sports clubs, such as the Maple Leaf Football Team which won the 1890 Ontario Championships. During the early 1950’s, Ellesmere Village’s dairy farms and market gardens were replaced by the Dorset Park housing subdivision.

Today, Dorset Park is a neighbourhood in transition with a culturally diversified population with the first generation of aging subdivision homeowners slowly being replaced by a new generation of young families with children. According to 2011 statistics, over 12% of the community’s residents claim Tamil as their mother tongue.

Dorset Park is home to one of only seven community hubs as part of Ontario’s Strategic Framework and Action Plan. Led by the United Way working together with donours and community partners, the hub is a one-stop centre where residents can access vital programs and services and where they can build community. The hub brings together resources to provide a place that supports the diverse growing needs of the community.

For those interested in affordable housing for raising a family without having to undergo renovations, the neighbourhood has a pocket of more recently built housing than the original subdivision.

For example, this home at 3 Kiriakou Street, presently listed by Real Estate Homeward at $499,000 is a beautiful, bright and spacious 3 bedroom townhouse with walkout to a private south facing, fenced yard. It even has up-graded laminated floors, a huge master bedroom with ensuite and entrance from garage. The lovely landscaped interlocking brick front entrance adds to the elegance. This great family home is ready for you to move in and enjoy in a fabulous location close to School, Parks, LRT, TTC, Go and all amenities. You can view this home at a public open house on Saturday, December 5th from 2-4pm or on Sunday, December 6th from 2-4pm. Offers, if any, being reviewed on Wednesday, December 9th.

Baldo Minaudo, Broker, Real Estate Homeward Brokerage, 1858 Queen St. E., Toronto – 416-698-2090.

Dorset Park Neighbourhood Townhouse

Dorset Park Neighbourhood Townhouse


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FOR SALE: 48 Kenhatch Blvd, Toronto – Agincourt, M1S 3Y1

Just Listed for Sale at $680,000! Beautiful House by Monarch Homes in Great Family Neighbourhood; Detached, 4+1 Bedroom, Brick House with Double Car Garage, Side Door To The Kitchen, Beautiful Spacious Open Concept Floor Plan, Large Bedrooms, Original Owner. Has Finished Basement with Separate Entrance. Lots Of Potential For Cosmetic Improvement. Steps To Public Transit, Schools, Woodside Square Mall and lots of parks and open space nearby, including forested path. Agincourt Go Station and Scarborough Town Centre just minutes away.

Seller To Review Offers On Monday, Nov 16th. Don’t let this one slip away, contact me for viewing – 416-698-2090 or message me.

Baldo Minaudo, M.B.A.,
Broker, Real Estate Homeward Brokerage
1858 Queen St. E.

Tel: 416-698-2090

Brick Two-story, 4-bedroom

Brick Two-story, 4-bedroom


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How To Reduce Stress During a Crisis

By Rosalie Moscoe

There are times in life when an emotional crisis causes enormous stress. During those times you may be worried about the health of a loved one or your own health; you may have lost your job, or perhaps you’re experiencing legal hassles over some major issue. You may be anxious about buying or selling a house, or worrying about your kids who go travelling thousands of miles away from home – and you haven’t heard from them in weeks. Perhaps you’re reeling from financial losses.

Is it possible to reduce stress when life seems to be up-side-down? Yes, and it’s important that you do. When overly activated, the stress response (a biological reaction to a stressor) can make you prone to illness.

Your top five biological reactions to stress:

• Release of sugar into the bloodstream to create more energy to fight off the stressor
• Increased cholesterol in the blood to create energy and to take over when blood sugar levels drop off
• Reduction in sex hormones which results in decreased libido
• Release of thyroid hormone (thyroxine) to speed up the body’s metabolism to burn fuel fast, giving strength to fight or flee
• Decreased digestive activity; energy goes to the limbs for survival

Unrelenting stress causes the stress response to stay on way too often and wears the body out! Finding ways to turn off the stress response and turn on the body’s natural relaxation response will calm you and bring the body and mind back to homeostasis –normal functioning. During crises, you’ll need a cool head to prevail in order to make important decisions.

10 Ways to Stay Calm When in Crisis

1) Realize that fear is the greatest motivator of stress. When your mind drags you to the depths of despair, think about the best possible outcome, not the worst.
2) Taking action during a crisis helps reduce the worry and stress; if there’s nothing you can do – pray.
3) Deep breathe for a few minutes to stop the biological reactions of stress; count to ten.
4) Call a friend or family member and talk it over. Just commiserating with someone who cares can relieve the stress of the situation. Hug someone you love.
5) Watch a comedy show on TV; laughing is a potent stress-reliever.
6) Get out for a brisk walk in nature – mind and body will come into a better place.
7) Cry if you need to; it may release pent-up stress.
8) Sit down and cross your arms over your chest. Rock back and forth for a soothing effect.
9) Get help from your doctor if you can’t sleep; insomnia can make stress worse.
10) For unrelenting stress, contact a psychologist or a spiritual counselor; you don’t have to do this alone.

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6th Annual Free Pumpkin Giveaway & Fundraiser in Riverside

Our members Nell & Natasha invite you to our 6th Annual FREE Pumpkin Giveaway & Fundraiser on Saturday October 24th from 11 am to 3 pm.

There will be something for the whole family to enjoy – Pumpkin Carving & Decorating, Face Painting, Balloons, Halloween Jumping Castle,

Children’s Vocalwork Choir, Riverside Kiddie Costume Parade & Trick or Treat (Bring your costumes), snacks and refreshments,

plus a spooky Haunted House put on by the Jimmie Simpson Recreation Centre.

To the great help of the community, we raised $1010 for the Emily House Hospice for Children during our Halloween Pumpkin Giveaway and

Fundraiser in 2014. As we are all aware of the devastating Syrian crisis, this year’s Halloween Event will be helping to Sponsor A Syrian Refugee Family.

In addition to our Pumpkin Giveaway, there will also be some Beautifully Decorated Pumpkins available with donations. All donations will go to

the St. Matthew’s Anglican Church Riverdale’s Syrian Refugee Sponsorship Fund.

Bring the whole family and lets have some fun at – 807A Queen Street East (Real Estate Homeward) at the corner of Queen and McGee.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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Natural Ways to Beat the 4:00 O’clock Slump

Are you sitting all day, becoming sedentary? Are you eating a lunch with no protein? Are you eating desserts with sugar in them – such as ice cream, a piece of cake or pie? Do you have less than 6 or 7 hours of sleep a night? If so, you may be prone to a 4:00 o’clock slump!

Holistic Steps to Boost Your Energy!

1)     Move your body either early in the day, or at lunch to build vitality; even a short brisk walk is beneficial.

2)     Have protein 3 times a day, (2 – 3 ½  oz. depending upon your weight – smaller amount for lower weights) – breakfast, lunch and dinner. The amino acids in the protein feed the neurotransmitters in the brain and give you a wake-up call. Your brain will be happy. Also, fats at every meal – such as sunflower or pumpkin seeds, almonds, hazelnuts or brazil nuts, olive oil – a couple of teaspoons, or a wedge of avocado, or 5 olives or a spoon of coconut oil melted on steamed vegetables. Your brain is 60% fat – dry weight. It needs replenishing all the time. Small amounts are sufficient.

3)     Have a piece of fruit instead of pie, cake or a chocolate bar for dessert –  (unless it’s dark chocolate – 70% cocoa or more and then only a few squares. ) The fruit has vitamins and minerals – anti-oxidant champs that give energy and fuel the body. Fruit also provides needed fiber necessary for proper digestion and bowel health.  (Fruit for dessert will prevent a sugar roller coaster ride!)

4)     Try drinking some water later in the afternoon – you may be dehydrated. Or if you didn’t have enough lunch, you may need a small snack; choose one: turkey slice wrapped around an avocado wedge, plain yogurt and a few apricots or berries, raw nuts or pumpkin seeds and a small piece of fruit.

5)     Reduce non-foods  as much as possible: aspartame, high salt (sodium), sugar laden foods, chemicals that you can’t pronounce! Also white flour products can be energy zappers as they contain less vitamin E, fiber and B vitamins than do whole grain products. Read labels. Your body doesn’t know what to do with engineered, chemical foods. Also the digestion process takes energy and if the body isn’t getting a payback from the foods you eat in the way of nutrients – you’ll be exhausted from all of the digestion process..

6)     Find ways to get 7 hours sleep a night and enough exercise during  the day. Turn off your computer at a decent hour (not just before bedtime); sleep in a darkened room without flashing lights from technology so that your brain can build natural melatonin to help you sleep. Don’t eat fried foods for dinner; – they may not sit well and keep you awake. A good night’s sleep provides more energy throughout the next day and helps you avoid a slump at 4:00 p.m.

Try these easy, enery-giving tips for a week and you’ll find your energy soar. (And if you are tired – take a short power nap!)


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